The Barony of the Osprey, in co-operation with
the Kingdom of Meridies, presented Gatalop: a Coronation.
October 29-31, 2021 at Dauphin Island, Alabama

Welp, we did it.  With the help of many friends from far and wide, the Barony pulled off an in-person event, the thirty-seventh running of the Gatalop, a gauntlet run for new fighters, and the Coronation of Wulfstan and Thorkatla, the second of that name, as sovereign and consort of Meridies.  Activities included fencing, heavy combat, Arts and Sciences salons, a regional Art/Science Faire, and the Athanor Faire, plus Courts, Awards, Elevations, Coronations and Dancing!

Our guests lodged and camped within the fort, while period and modern camping was available on the grounds outside the fort.  Merchants set up and hawked their wares, fighters suited up and thrashed each other nigh senseless, courts were convened, regal business was done, everyone foraged and found victuals, and they laughed and danced into the wee hours of the morn.

Gatalop2015 image

Mayhem from Gatalop 2015, photographer unknown.