Knight’s Gambit 2022

Dates: 05/14/2022 – 05/14/2022
Sponsors:  Meridies/Thorngill
Registration Fees:
Comp Child (17 and under): $0.00
Day Trip (Member): $17.00
Day Trip (Non-member): $22.00

Come join the Shire of Thorngill for one of the premier fighting events in Meridies! Showoff your skills in the Robert Hightower Unbelted Classic, and then get theopportunity to train, one on one, with the Knights! There will be a Knight’s Q & A and many other activities, including rapier combat, live weapons(pending arrangements for a qualified marshall for those activities), classes, and merchants. Stay tuned for moredetails! Site opens 7 am and closes 1 hour after the conclusion of Court. Those wishing to stay overnight on Friday night and/or Saturday night may contact the site (Dalwhinnie Fields) to make private arrangements, but this is NOT an official part of the event.

Knights should send their modern and SCA names, membership number, expiration date, and a contact email and/or telephone number to EXCHEQ.THORNGILL@MERIDIES.ORG

Autocrat Reservations: