The Baronial Webminister

The Baronial Web-minister.

The Webminister is responsible for the online presence of the local group.

The Baronial website and all of its tributaries, the group’s FaceBook page, online flyers for events, and any content under the domains “” and  “” are within the jurisdiction of the webminister.

The whole enchilada. All internet content, seen and unseen. The entire nine yards of garbled interwebular nonsense.

Everything you think you know about the Barony of the Osprey can be revealed in the glare of paparazzi floodlights, or hidden from view until you begin to doubt your own powers of recollection. 

Mad with the unimaginable power of it all, the webminister uses his keyboard alternately as a weapon, and then as a shield.  Unfettered in his use of made-up words like “interwebular”, with the next keystroke he cements his domina– aaaack!

Your Webminister was Lord Wulfgar of East Anglia.