The Almanack

As of 01 June Anno Societatus LVII, being 2022 by the Gregorian reckoning.

June is the sixth month on the Gregorian and Julian calendars, and is the second month of the year to have just thirty days.

In most Anglo-Saxon and Germanic calendars, this month begins on the sixth full moon after the winter solstice.  The Old English Liða-mōnaþ (travelling month) begins on the evening of the full moon (Strawberry Moon), on 14 June 2022.  Jewish, Islamic, Celtic, Welsh, and Irish calendars begin on the new moon, 30 May 2022.  The next full moon is 13 July 2022.

The Old Norse/Icelandic calendar was developed in the tenth century, based on the lunisolar Julian calendar.  It features 12 months of 30 days each, with a shorter intercalary month at midsummer to keep the calendar calibrated to the solar year.  By this reckoning, the month of Sólmánuðr begins on Monday, 21 June.

Events of note in April, historically, include:

14 June 1349, death of Günther Von Schwarzburg, a disputed king of Germany who had many adherents, fought several battles to press his claim, and eventually succumbed to illness. Though he insisted while he still had a breath in him that he’d been poisoned, historians and chroniclers with no medical training whatsoever marked it down as the Black Death.

12 June 1519, birthdate of Cosimo de’Medici.  Banker, Patron of the Arts, Philanderer and Warmonger, he was by 1569 recognized as the Grand Duke of Tuscany, meaning he could get a table at any restaurant in Italy.

07 June 1557, England declares war on France.  Not an uncommon headline, this was only one of dozens of deadly campaigns between the two nations that collectively cost hundreds of thousands of peasant lives, and more than a few unwary nobles as well.  Why can’t these two countries get along?  Blame the British tourists or the French waiters, but both of these brawling hordes seem to get along best when they are fighting Germans.

Boring but important: The first written record of Scotch Whiskey appears in the Exchequer Rolls of Scotland June 01, 1495, listing John Cors as the distiller.

This apparently really happened: 04 June 1391 an Anti-Semitic mob led by Ferrand Martinez surrounds the Jewish quarter of Seville, Spain and sets the neighborhood ablaze.  While over 5000 Jews were said to have perished, it is unknown how many survivors were rounded up and sold into slavery in the aftermath., in a transaction not involving any white people.

Here and now:  01 June is National Say Something Nice Day, so if you can’t do it, then hush up.  05 June is Cancer Survivor’s Day, so celebrate those you know who are fighting the good fight.  16 June is National Fudge Day, and it is better to eat it than to pack it, for sure.  The Summer Solstice is 21 June, when the Barony of the Osprey and environs will experience 14 hours, 08 minutes, and 04 seconds of daylight, nearly 4 hours more than on the shortest day this year of 21 December, so hug a Druid.

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