The Osprey Gazette

Updated 01 April AS LVI, being 2022 by the Gregorian reckoning.

Polling for Baron/Baroness of Osprey has been concluded, and the Investiture of  Yesugai and Rhiannon will take place at court during Coronation, April 2nd at Dalwhinnie Fields.

Lugh Naran and Christine Silkewymmen, Baron and Baroness of Osprey, have received Augmentations of their registered arms from the crown at the Meridian Challenge of Arms event held in the north of the kingdom on 26 February AS LVI.  Many huzzahs and congratulations!

A Baronial business meeting is surely being planned, for Sunday, 24 April at 11am, at Medal of Honor Park in advance of Fighter Practice.  Stay tuned for the latest news here and on the Baronial FaceBook Page (link below).

Several new officers are being installed soon, keep an eye on the Officers link from the menu above and offer warm greetings to the new faces among our officer’s corps!

The area of Barony Osprey may be subject to limited re-opening due to a greatly reduced volume of SARS-COVID-2 cases in our area.  Mask mandates are no longer in effect, but keep SCA bullying guidelines in mind before you mock or belittle those who just feel safer with a mask on.  Also, stay on top of the latest Kingdom Facebook announcements for the latest information from crown.

Hysterical hand-wringing is always available on the Baronial FaceBook Page.  Also, have a look at a new feature from your Chronicler, The Almanack, linked here and from the menu above, under the Gazette link.

The Baronial Chronicler will happily include your announcements on the Osprey Gazette, email them to