The Osprey Gazette

Updated 01 November AS LV, being 2021 by the Gregorian reckoning.

Well, Osprey has pulled it off.  Not to boast, much, but we managed to do a combat event and a coronation on a primitive site in person, in the middle of a plague, and to date nobody died.  Of course, we were happy to do it, and everybody got to rub elbows (literally) with old friends, and even make some new friends.  Like you do.  I hope everybody had as much fun as we did.

At Baronial Court, the Coronet saw fit to recognize Baron Kál-Bárðr Gellir, Lady Kisa Kottr, and Lady Sefa Knytir  with membership in the Order of the Sable Pillar, for their talents in the Arts and Sciences and their use of those talents for the benefit of the Barony.

At the first court of Wulfstan II, Baron Sir Lugh Naran was inducted into the Order of the Bough of Meridies, and Lord Wulfgar of East Anglia was presented with a Grant of Arms.  May he figure out the “Honorable” thing, and quickly.

A Baronial business meeting is surely being planned, for Sunday 28 November at 11am, at Medal of Honor Park in advance of Fighter Practice.  Stay tuned for the latest news here and on the Baronial FaceBook Page (link below).

The area of Barony Osprey may be subject to limited re-opening due to a greatly reduced volume of SARS-COVID-2 cases in our area.  Masks are recommended by mundane authorities for indoor meetings, but keep your eye on the Plague edition of the Osprey Gazette and Kingdom Facebook announcements for the latest information from crown.

Hysterical hand-wringing is always available on the Baronial FaceBook Page.