Gazette Plague Edition

Updated 28 June AS LV, being 2021 by the Gregorian reckoning.

Per guidelines published by the Kingdom of Meridies, four of the counties within Barony Osprey are now subject to the limits currently in effect for Phase 1 of re-opening. Mobile, Washington, Clarke and Escambia counties have recorded fewer than four cases of SARS-Covid-2 per 100,000 population for the last seven days. Monroe, Conecuh and Baldwin counties each remain above the posted guidelines, and are still subject to restrictions under Phase 0.

Please note that the blue numbers (if any) in this graphic represent counties eligible for Meridies Phase 1, while red numbers represent counties which are not yet able to get on with living in the current middle ages.  Note also that all of the numbers reflect an average of seven days’ reporting.  The target for each county shown at left is less than four, and any county may regress to the previous phase if the number of recorded cases increases.

Phase 1 will allow in-person gatherings up to 20 individuals from the local area, and would thus permit in-person meetings, fighter practices, armor workshops, scriptoria and classes.

Phase 0 bans all in-person contact in the name of the SCA, allowing only remote video/audio meetings.  A graphic showing the guidelines for each phase of re-opening is posted at the bottom of this page

So, wash your hands often, and stay home if you don’t feel well.  Recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and the Alabama Department of Public Health currently state that masks are no longer necessary outdoors.

EDITORIAL REMARKS: Data for this graphic taken from USA Facts, a website, reflecting reported cases for seven days prior to 28 June 2021.  Alabama county population estimates taken from the World Population Review website.  You can, if you wish, find differing numbers on other websites for better or worse, but I have to choose one source and stick with it for the sake of consistency.

ALSO, here is a risk map for the state of Alabama.  See how likely it might be for you to contract COVID-19 if you were living a normal life.

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