The Barony

Osprey is a local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, representing Mobile and Baldwin Counties in Alabama, and we are within the SCA Kingdom of Meridies, comprised of Alabama, Georgia, most of Tennessee, and parts of Florida and Kentucky.

We work to re-create medieval times in Europe, Asia and the Middle East during a period roughly corresponding to 600 to 1600 CE, studying the arts, manners, and dress of the people in that time and place.

There are classes where we share the information and skills that we discover, meetings where we discuss our future plans and organizational needs, and weekly fighter practice where we hone our skills in the arts of war.

The goal of the group is to promote education, and we have a lot of fun doing that. One of the most popular activities is an event, sometimes involving camping in tents or sleeping in cabins, where we combine classes, combat, feasting, and just being together in a medieval atmosphere.

These events may be far or near, and are scheduled by groups all over the Knowne World.  Taken as a whole, we call this lifestyle The Dream.

To learn more about us, or the SCA as a whole, use the links on this page to explore what we do.  We sincerely hope that you will find a place among us!

One last thing you may enjoy:  What did the music of medieval times sound like?  I’ve found a channel online where you can stream audio of medieval, renaissance and baroque music.  Play it in the background as you peruse these pages, and may it soothe your modern ear.  (play medieval music?)