Baronial Awards

In the Current Middle Ages, distinguished service is rewarded by calling the worthy gentle in court, in front of everybody, and presenting them with an award, accompanied by a handmade scroll and sometimes a piece of regalia to wear, signifying that honor.

On a Kingdom level, the King and Queen present awards at a Royal Court based on letters of recommendation from the populace and consultation with current members of that order, for distinguished service to the Kingdom.

The Baron and Baroness, likewise, may hold a Baronial Court at events to present awards for distinguished service to the Barony. The Baronial Service Awards are:

The Order of the Osprey’s Jess – The Jess is the primary service award of the Barony of the Osprey.  It is given for long term activity of an exceptional nature in the Barony. The order may carry with it an Award of Arms with the permission of the Crown. (See Kingdom Law Section II-301 and II-307)

The Order of the Osprey’s Talon – The Talon is given to those fighters in the Barony that have displayed skill and chivalry on the field, and a willingness to teach others in SCA heavy weapons or light weapons combat.

The Order of the Sable Pillar – The Sable Pillar is given to those members of the Barony who have shown talent in the Arts & Sciences and used those talents to the benefit of the Barony.

The Order of the Sable Athanor– The Sable Athanor is given to those members of the Barony that have shown themselves to be the heart of the Barony. (The people the Barony would be hard pressed to do without).

The Order of the Argent Lamp – This award is given for service to the Barony, to members new to the Barony or new to the SCA, who have shown that they are willing to work to help the group. (Usually given prior to someone receiving an Award of Arms)

The Order of the Fleggeling of the Osprey  – This award is given for service to the Barony by members under 18 years of age, who have shown that they are willing to work to help the group.

The Order of the Sable Drakkar –  in memory of Lord Grigorii Elisseyevich, this new baronial award has been created to honor friends of the Barony who gift us with exceptional service.