The Baronial Calendar

In times long ago the people of Osprey gathered often, to teach each other and to learn, to exchange hugs and to mock each other cruelly, to make clothing and armor, and to eat.  Our fellowship and mirth was interrupted by an awful scourge that swept across the land, bringing illness∗, poverty, and death†… and we huddled in our homes, alone and afraid.

  1st Monday Scriptorium to be announced
  2nd Monday Armor Night nobody knows
  3rd Monday Arts/Sciences classes consult the bones
  4th Sunday Business Meeting
FP to follow
11am, Medal of Honor Park
  every Sunday Fighter Practice 11am, Medal of Honor Park

Once we travelled freely, meeting in faraway places to pound each other with sticks, gathering in classes to increase our knowledge, and stuffing our faces at feast.  As the last vestiges of the plague fade from our land we creep out of our poor hovels, greeting former friends with mistrust, and eating our own cooking.  Events are planned and cancelled, but fortune will favor the bold…


  04/1-3 Spring Coronation Iron Mountain Dalwhinnie Fields, AL
  04/7-10 Fool’s War Tir Briste Macon, GA
  04/15-17 Iris Fair Glaedenfeld Burns, TN
  04/22-24 Dreamstone Bryn Madoc Rutledge, GA
  05/14 Knight’s Gambit Thorngill Dalwhinnie Fields, AL

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     ∗  illness due to SARS Covid-2 has affected 13% of the US population to date, or 1 in 7 approximately.

     †  death due to SARS Covid-2 has occurred in 1.62% of reported cases in the US, or less than 0.14 per cent of the US population at large, or 1 in 440, approximately.

(data gathered from CDC COVID data website found here.)