Business Meetings

Baronial business meetings are held monthly, usually on the 4th Sunday each month, and at a place where all interested parties are able to come and sit comfortably while the future plans of the group are discussed and agreed upon.  There will be yammering.  There will be farbling.  Even some cruel mockery.  Then we adjourn to make way for fighter practice.  It will be cool, it will be fun, and it will bring us all together.

These will be in-person meetings, not virtual, and  meeting will continue to be done in this fashion for the foreseeable future.

I will try to keep the latest information about scheduled meetings here for now, and in-person meetings will  also appear on the Baronial Calendar as they are planned.

The first scheduled in-person meeting of the officers and populace are scheduled for Sunday, 26 June at 11am at the fighter practice site, Medal of Honor Park on Hillcrest Road.  Call the Seneschal or the Knight’s Marshal for details.